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Cloud Computing Fundamentals: Cloud Concepts

In this course, you will learn the basics of cloud computing focusing on the core features of cloud technologies, including cloud deployment models, networking concepts, storage types, and cloud design.

Time Series Forecasting with Amazon Forecast

This course will teach you how to work with Amazon Forecast, a managed service that provides accurate future forecasts using machine learning, by preparing data, and training forecasting models.

Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services: Form Recognizer

This course will teach you how to use and work with Azure Cognitive Services: Forms Recognizer, which extracts text and data from scanned documents, going beyond traditional OCR.

Build Your First Data Visualization with Plotly.js

This course will teach you how to use and work with Plotly.js, building both basic and advanced graphs. You'll dive into specific graph types such as scientific and financial graphs.

Extracting Text and Data with Amazon Textract

Businesses are moving to a digital world, but we will still need physical documents. You will learn to use OCR technology to extract text, and key-value pairs of data from scanned documents.

Crawling the Web with Python and Scrapy

Have you ever wanted to know how to crawl websites and extract data from them? If so, then this course is for you. You will learn how to write spiders that can extract data from the web.

Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services: Bing Image Search API

Have you ever wanted to know how to automatically search for high-quality images available on the web? If so, then this course is for you. You will learn how to get GIFs and images.

Financial Management: Automate Forecasting in Python

In this course you will learn one of the key concepts of Financial Management: financial forecasting, and how to automate key steps in your forecasting process with Python.

Extracting Meaning from Natural Language with LUIS

Extracting Meaning from Natural Language with LUIS will allow you to build apps and bots that are capable of understanding natural human language and being able to act on those commands.

Business Automation with Python: Getting Started

Python is a dynamic language that effortlessly allows you to perform impressive feats of automation. If you've ever spent hours doing repetitive tasks, you'll love this topic.

Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services: Content Moderator

Content Moderator is a state-of-the-art service and set of APIs provided by Azure that enables developers to analyze content embedded in text and images in a very simple way.

Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services: Computer Vision API

The Azure Computer Vision API is a state-of-the-art service provided by Microsoft through Azure that enables developers to retrieve information from images with little code.

Free Books

Stay on the cutting edge of technology for free with these books.


AngularDart is an open-source, web app framework created by Google that combines the power of Angular with Dart, focusing on productivity, and performance.


Explore the fundamentals of Vue.js, a top open-source JavaScript framework, and harness its powerful features to build UIs and single-page applications.

Robotic Process Automation

RPA augments the productivity of workers by liberating them from repetitive tasks that can be performed faster and with more accuracy by a computer.

Azure Cognitive Services

Azure Cognitive Services puts the power of AI and machine learning into the hands of software developers without requiring a PhD or years of experience.

Ionic 4

Ionic 4 takes the original Ionic toolkit from a mobile-centric framework based on Angular to a powerful toolset that is JavaScript-framework agnostic.


Flutter is an open-source mobile application development SDK developed by Google with support for both Android and iOS using the same codebase.


With the Electron framework, web apps can be brought seamlessly to the desktop, opening up new avenues for developers with JavaScript, HTML and CSS know-how.

Azure Functions

Azure Functions is a new service available in Microsoft Azure to help developers run code on serverless architectures. In essence, it is about events and code.


The Ionic framework is an open-source SDK built on top of Angular, integrating with Apache Cordova, and programmed using Typescript and the JSON data format.

Skype Bots

Skype is essential to communication across industries of all types, and even in our personal lives. Knowing the SDKs that allow to interact with it is essential.


Force.com Succinctly offers developers and business users easy access to the many benefits of this popular platform. Now anyone can build powerful enterprise apps.

Azure Document DB

DocumentDB is a NoSQL database that serves as the base of Azure Cosmos DB, Microsoft's new globally-distributed, multi-model database service.

Microsoft Bot Framework

At Build 2016, Microsoft announced the Bot Framework, a package of tools for building bots that could be integrated with a variety of communication platforms.

Twilio with C#

An introduction to Twilio for experienced C# developers, which will guide readers towards developing voice and messaging apps in C# using Twilio.

Customer Success for C# Devs

Happy customers are repeat customers. Customer Success for C# Developers frames software developers as an essential part of providing exemplary service.

Data Capture Extraction with C#

Capturing and extracting information is one of the most important tasks a dev can perform, without relying on specialized tools is a way to improve productivity.


Video Tutorials and Projects.

Python Data Entry Automation

In this project you'll step into the shoes of a developer at PharmaChain, and learn to automate manual processes in Python and extract data from PDFs.

Building Bots with Node.js

Bots will be the dominant UI for the next generation of apps. Slack, Telegram, and Facebook are driving a new approach where "threads are the new apps".

Understanding Bot Framework

Microsoft Bots have become a very popular platform for messaging, that can connect intelligent bots to interact with your users naturally wherever they are.

Building with Bot Framework

Today's bots can help us shop for clothes, save money, and find restaurants. Digit helps you manage your money by showing your bank balance and bills.

Understanding Logic Apps

Logic Apps brings speed and scalability into the enterprise integration space. Logic Apps allows you to connect legacy and cutting-edge systems together.